It seems immense…

Sunday May 14th …
I am influenced, I miss my breath and I am really very tired. Nevertheless I went as planned to define the purchase of her … the boat with which I will spend a lot of time plowing the waves of the Mediterranean.

So far I had been “above” and the idea that gave me was to be a beautiful boat that knows how to run and very robust but, see it from below … well … it looks majestic, great, ready to take me with you to write new stories, ready to make me live a unique and indescribable experience. She is ready to come home, in her new home, Caorle (VE).
For the coming months, before returning to the construction site for the modifications and adaptations necessary for the long journey, he will stay with me furrowing the waves of the upper Adriatic where we will begin to know each other more and more. I talked to her, I asked her to help me win this challenge, I asked her to love me because that’s what I want.

It will be like a daughter, it will be a boat with which we will have a special bond and forever.

I have already given it a name and it will be unveiled only at the moment of departure and the meaning will know it only in two, me and a person that I love very much. I can only tell you that I thought about it at the turn of SanValentino 2017 and the name will connect to something magical.

It will have a makeover that will turn it into an elegant and sporty boat, we will all struggle to recognize it, where it will arrive, it will always be noticed. It will represent the freedom of all sailors, it will represent my land and my sea.
It will be extraordinary.

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