The first of the “I Timonieri Sbandati ASD”

T88M – YACHT CLUB MARINA SAN VINCENZO – San Vincenzo — Marina di Cecina

1st Stage – 6 May 2017
We are in May and the crew is made up of: Alessandro, Marco, Mery, Mattia, Giovanni, Cristian, Andrea, Laura, Chiara and Francesca.
The boat: 41S Centurium with the beautiful name Flous Del Ven.
We had to participate in Minigiraglia but the weather conditions were too important to be tackled by this crew which is more a group of friends who wanted to spend a day of adventures together …

On balance I think it went much better because we were lucky enough to participate in the Trophy 88 Miles organized by the beautiful and welcoming Yacht Club of Marina San Vincenzo. A very short but intense stage …

The start brings a little rain and very little wind. Then arrived at the buoy of disengagement here that all of a sudden the wind begins to push insistent and constantly growing. You soon reach the 30kn of wind and after a few edges of bowline you get to the poggia that puts us en route to Marina di Cecina. A group of people who knew how to live in a friendly way a nice week end on a sailing boat and what matters is that everyone has impressed a beautiful moment of the sea …
With the wind, the sky opens and the rain stops, so that navigation at least becomes less heavy.
Oh well, some ups and downs at the start but then everything ok, left. The 12 miles pass in about 3h (including the exit and entry from the ports), all right, the crew arrives safely and safely at the Marina di Cecina where the Centurium, Flous Del Ven, is based. It is moored and the gusts start to be very insistent. We are all in the restaurant for the awards and the dear and new friend Emanuele Bravin is once again the honors and leads the award with great enthusiasm. Ended the awards (see photo gallery) is celebrated and between a glass and another comes soon the long-awaited moment (at least from me …), YOU EAT!
The night, for those who have stayed to sleep in the boat, let’s say it … it was a bit ‘moved …

The experience was worth it, the welcoming and very nice people. What could I add if not to find the time to go and participate with your boat, or find a boarding, to experience this emotion within the reach of ALL?


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