Boat license for the disabled

2018 Project

Often we come across “licensed” without any experience by sea or lake. This involves enormous risks for everyone.

In the world of disability, there is an obligation to have a “normo-gifted” person on board but this, in our opinion, does not offer better security. First of all the disabled person always comes from sailing experiences practiced in suitable and equipped sailing schools. Before a disabled sailor can sail a sailboat alone, the pupil performs numerous navigations and this matures experiences that very often some “licensed” do not possess.
Two very important questions to know:

  1. if the boat is not equipped to be carried out independently by a single person with mobility difficulties, this can not even leave the port.
  2. facing the sea we are all equally disabled. A practical example: if in the car of the “disabled” there are no aids, this can not do anything but turn on and off the engine. This applies equally to the boat.

The problems and the unexpected in the sea as in the earth, are happening continuously and is in the good sense of each individual to prevent them and / or avoid them: this applies to both the norm-gifted and the disabled.

The first paraplegic sailor is to circumnavigate Italy in solitary.


For the love of the sea, the wind, the beautiful and the right


For a sailing sport it is accessible to everyone


For the detection of port accessibility of Italian coasts


To raise awareness of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


To sensitize to respect for the sea and environmental issues

the change

To rewrite the rules of the nautical license for the disabled